• Apescriptions


    Floor Price
    #5541996 - #5588999
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    Total Volume

Apescriptions is a collection of Infinitely Scaleable Ape SVGs (Simian Vector Graphics), pushing the limit of the resolution and detail of images that can be inscribed on Ethereum. Apescription SVG bytesizes range from 40kb to 125kb which can be expensive to ethscribe when the Ethereum gas price is high, so the collection contains two types of inscriptions to enable trading all 4096 Apes. - Prescription: A minimal ethscription token that enables an Ape to be traded without being fully ethscribed. - Apescription: A fully ethscribed SVG Ape. Once you find an Ape you want to keep or you think is worthy of being fully ethscribed, go to Apescriptions.xyz to convert the Prescription to an Apescription SVG.